About Us

  Nalanda Travels, Patna as a leading educursion organizer. educursion is an educational Program designed with dual objective to sensitize the students towards an experience of “On the spot learning with Pleasure” and exploring the spectrum of environmental, geographical, historical, social and cultural facts and pattern in the country. Our each of tours will contain elements to make the trip a great success: educational programs, nature elements, leisure and fun components.

 Tour operators, in fact, have a crucial role to play in executing the plan for a trip and “credentials and dependability of the tour operator should be under a scanner, and all promised facilities checked thoroughly,”

We, specializes in organizing group tours for schools, universities, colleges, alumni groups and special interest groups. We can organize anything from formal study tours with field trips and lectures to “school camp” style trips with fun activities and sightseeing. We can develop an itinerary for your group that focuses on any special interest subject.

 We have got many satisfied colleges, universities, schools and institutions who always gives us opportunity to organize their field trip. Our registered Office is in Patna, but we are successfully conducting the study tour and industrial tour for some prestigious School and colleges of Patna, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Ambikapur, Delhi and  Dehradoon,just to name a few.

Programs can be easily copied but qualities can never be duplicated!! This quality is what we stand to deliver to our students. You will want the best in quality and reliability, in service, efficiency and  perhaps most important, in competitive pricing. We custom create programs and are well aware of each detail in order to get our objectives perfect!

 We offer a complete package which takes care of all your needs. Our best Quality wholesome and unlimited foods, very carefully selected Hotel accommodation, separate reserve berth in train ,charted Coaches, Aeroplanes,escorted tour, guided sightseeing and all this on very low price with a personal touch, Which has always been the hallmark of our services

 Since two decades, we have been honing our services, and with every passing year we deliver better, are it in Terms of Buddhist,Jain Sector,Pilgrimage tour or any   Destinations or wider choice of tour Options, better connectivity or Innovative Scheduling Which provides you fully safe and tension free enjoyable trip, enhanced travel comfort or leisure in sightseeing, our guest always comes out the Winner.

You just pick our any itinerary and leave the rest on us. We will be happy to discuss any other details as per your requirement.

 We did not commit you the sky, but a good field trip. on our tour you will get more than your expectations.

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